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Cool stuff.
Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2008, 1:57 AM

    * Mood: Astonished

SECTION 1: Art misses
SECTION 2: State of the Contest
2.1: Rules
2.2: Prizes
2.3: Judges and Judging
2.4: Entries
SECTION 3: People You Should Be Watching
SECTION 4: Things You Should Faveh 2008 to August 6th 2008

Section 1
Ok, seriously, i have seen some really bad art in my day. I was in an art class where the only good people in it were me and this other kid. That right there is saying a lot seeing as how i should improve a lot more. But then i saw THIS and was instantly dumbfounded. I started a forum post on this and then i got THIS sent to me by :iconmanamaraya: and my jaw just dropped. The guys name is Rob Leifield and in my opinion should stop doing comics instantly. Either learn anatomy or stop drawing.

Section 2
The contest is still on. It'll be open till August 6th. Look below for the entries. The new news item with all of them will be sent out on Friday.

2.1: Show us your true self. (by us i mean the DA community.) Show us who you really are. Draw yourself, in any medium, and draw an accurate representation of yourself. Then, and this is where the twist comes in, draw stuff on you or around you that give us an idea as to what you like, dislike and stuff that show aspects of your personality. If your planning on doing a photo manip you can. But it can not be a straight picture of yourself. You will have to add stuff here and there.
:iconsindareine: said it best. 'So pretty much do a self portrait of how you see yourself and try to include all that interesting random stuff about you that you would other wise only really talk about when you were drunk'

2.2: First prize is a three month sub.
Second Prize is a one month sub.

2.3:iconsindareine: :iconthe-wall-of-heroes: :iconndikol: :icondjkayuk: :iconsneakytomato:
There are five judges for a reason. Each one of them have different likes and dislikes. Given by what they have faved since they were here it's easy to see that. I don't really think that they share the same faves. So i trust they're opinion. I will also be counting faves but that is secondary. The judges are most important here.

BY :iconmousewolfie:
BY :iconshat-bresnow:
BY :icondreamscastshadows:
BY :iconchicoritango:

This is what i was looking for. Almost exactly. I also have an example that i'm going to upload in a bit.

SECTION 3: People You Should Be Watching
:iconfooray: :icongarryhenderson: :icondiablo2003:

SECTION 4: Things You Should Fave

Section 5: CLUBS
:iconcolor-me-club: :iconunseenartists: